10958_700045026744473_6622298836420495137_nREQUIRED CLASS WEAR: Please, no denim clothing or baggy/oversized shirts. Long hair should be tied away from the face. Shoes may be ordered through the studio with a deposit or purchased elsewhere.

 ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES: Children up to the age of 9 must be escorted INTO the building. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE CLASS! A parent (or other adult) is required to accompany a child, regardless of age, FROM the building (EXCEPTION: Parents may write a note stating that the child may exit alone after class). If you will not be picking up your child, please notify the teacher (as well as your child). We will not allow a student to leave with someone if we are hesitant about their identity. Please be prompt in picking up your child. After bringing your child into the studio, we ask that you ALWAYS tell him/her when you are leaving.

12814715_980484222033884_2850115061008716849_nSTUDIO CLOSINGS: The studio will not necessarily close for snow days, regardless if area schools are closed, since many times roads are clear and safe. In the event of inclement weather, we may need to cancel class. You may visit the studio’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/missjuliesdance or call the studio at (610) 599-3056 an hour before the start of class to find out whether or not class will be held. If the greeting is a normal business greeting, class will be held. If class is canceled, the recorded message will be updated with class cancellation information. If in doubt, please call.


PARKING: When parking, please use the parking lot or park on the side of the street closest to the studio. Please use the entrance closest to the building to enter the lot and exit the lot at the far end of the lot. If you are waiting in the parking lot in between classes, we ask, in courteous respect of our neighbors and for the safety of the children, that you do not allow the children to play in the lot, yard, ramp or the street. There is a park (Roseto Ball Park) just blocks from the studio if you need to “pass the time.”

RECITAL TENTATIVE DATE & FEE: The studio presents a formal recital every year. New this season is an additional performance opportunity at a local venue. Showcase dates and location TBA. Tentative recital weekend is Thursday, June 22 – Sunday, June 25, 2017. You will be notified as soon as dates are confirmed by the school district. Every student is expected to participate in this extremely exciting and valuable experience. A costume fee of $75.00 is included in your tuition. Students needing more than 1 costume, or if price exceeds the fee, you will be billed for the balance. A volunteer fund raiser will be offered to help defray these costs. Details will be given at a later date.

12316600_932441740171466_7145078079644545374_nATTENDANCE & AWARDS: Please notify the school if your child will not be attending class due to illness, vacation, etc. A “make-up” class may be scheduled within 3 weeks of the missed class by contacting the instructor. Private classes can be rescheduled or can be made up with a currently scheduled group class. Credit of tuition can not be applied for a missed class. Attendance is taken at each class and recognition is given at the end of the year for perfect attendance (Perfect Attendance Award relates to the student’s regular scheduled class – “make-up” classes will not be counted as a regular scheduled class and cannot be transferred as such in order to attain Perfect Attendance). Regular attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have your child at every class. End-of-year recognition is also given for Most Improved and Positive Attitude.


WHAT’S HAPPENING?: We want to make dance and gymnastics training at Miss Julie’s an important and exciting part of your child’s life. Therefore, we’ll be planning some special events for the students (performance ops, GlowInTheDark Parties, Halloween Costume Party, New Year’s Party, Bring-A-Buddy Day, Parents Day, Grandparents Day.)

WE KEEP YOU INFORMED: Our patient, friendly and caring staff takes pride in providing to you the best possible customer service. Several times throughout the year the studio distributes a newsletter. It contains important information regarding upcoming events (as described in “What’s Happening”), early childhood education news, fitness tips and more. Reinforcement of class work will be given to each student throughout the year (handouts, coloring sheets and class progression check lists). This information will include elements that your child’s class is improving upon or has accomplished (including songs, techniques, skills, combinations, etc.). Please do not hesitate to approach any instructor with a question as long as it does not interfere with class.

PARENT OBSERVATION DAY: Coming soon! Closed circuit TV for studio infomercial and real-time class viewing! In addition to the annual Parent Show & Tell Day, parents may also schedule another time to observe his/her child’s class. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact your child’s instructor to schedule a viewing time. It is the studio policy that no one is permitted to sit in during class, other than Parent’s Day, as it causes great distraction to the students. REFERRAL PROGRAM & REFUND POLICY: You will receive a $10.00 credit towards your child’s tuition for any new family you refer to us that registers for class. In the event of student dropout, a credit for classes will be issued to the family to be used at a later time. Tuition will not be refunded.

Please find, like, and follow us on facebook! www.facebook.com/missjuliesdance

DISCOUNTS: You may deduct $20.00 off of dance/gymnastics if paying the tuition in full by the first week of class. You receive a $5.00 discount per installment (on each additional class) if you have more than 1 child enrolled at Miss Julie’s or if your child is enrolled in more than 1 program. Discount is calculated on the lowest priced class(es).

STARTING DATE & WINTER BREAK: Our dance and gymnastics season consists of 38 weeks beginning the week of September 12, 2016 through the week of June 19, 2017. Over the Christmas holiday season, we will hold classes as scheduled. Our 2-week winter break will be from Saturday, January 28, 2017 through Thursday, February 9, 2017. Classes will resume on Saturday, February 11.


The staff at Miss Julie’s attains current knowledge, trends, and techniques in all aspects of education, dance, and fitness by attending continuing education classes, workshops and professional conventions.

TEAM TEACHING at Miss Julie’s 2016-2017
Julie Rusche’ ~ Lisa Thomas ~ Alyssa Sarullo ~ Linsdsey Pagotto ~ Maria Rodrigues ~ Kassi Stopfer

ASSISTANTS Bethany Taggart ~ Catherine Thomas ~ Kayla Heard ~ Cassie Miller

~moving bodies and minds since 1993~

Miss Julie’s offers dance, gymnastics, personal training
and fitness classes for children and adults.

~moving bodies and minds since 1993~

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