promoProgram Objectives

The curriculum at Miss Julie’s teaches students the elements of  movement and dance; space and how one relates to it, both as an  individual and as a member of a group; the basic locomotor movements  that relate to all forms of dancing; musical rhythm, beat and time;  opposites and directions; and elementary positions and fundamental  techniques.  Integrated with these physical concepts are the  intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression,  imagination and teamwork.  There are plenty of opportunities to learn and practice proper classroom etiquette and appropriate social skills.

 “We want each child to feel good about him/herself.”

Dance Program

At Miss Julie’s Dance & Fitness Studio, we believe in positive  instruction and praising each student so that he/she will feel  successful. By exploring learning principles through dance and movement,  students will increase their self-awareness, self-discipline and  self-confidence. Our dance programs include technique at the barre and center floor,  across-the-floor progressions, leaps, turns and dance terminology. We try to instill into each student a sense of motivation,  accomplishment and an eagerness to learn and improve.

We have designed our classes to develop in each student the ability  to concentrate, observe and analyze as well as express oneself  through dance and gymnastics training.  These skills will help  develop a whole person – artistically, physically and academically.

Gymnastics Program

These programs are a series of structured activities that encourage  children to learn and improve their balance, coordination,  self-discipline and self-confidence.  Programs include Tumbl Trak,  tumbling, beam, vault, mini tramp, more.  Younger classes will also  include balls, hoops, rhythm sticks, parachute, songs and music. We use Progressive Skill Builder Equipment to aid in all levels of  motor development.  Used independently or combined with other Skill  Builder pieces, they facilitate the learning of tumbling skills and  progressive movement activities. We also introduce the children to the basics of health, nutrition  and body awareness.


Miss Julie’s offers dance, gymnastics, personal training
and fitness classes for children and adults.

~moving bodies and minds since 1993~

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