Available Classes

Basic Cardio

slide2Achieve a feeling of fitness, strength and confidence in this enjoyable no-to-low impact class. While incorporating all elements of fitness, Basic cardio will help you to improve your balance and flexibility. A basic cardio class is 45 minutes long designed with simple moves that are easy to follow. Class includes cardio and toning sections (no floor work involved). Basic cardio is taught by caring instructors in a supportive group environment with fun music. If you are new to exercise of just want to move around a little bit, this class is for you.

Aerobics & Step

These classes are fast-paced and high-energy! Awesome instructors provide a safe, effective and fun workout with motivating music in a friendly, inviting environment. You will improve coordination and strength and will increase your heart and lung capacity. Classes include a toning section using dumbbells, weighted body bars, medicine balls, resistance bands and core conditioning. You choose your preference, high or low impact. See you out on the floor!

Indoor Cycle

slide3Are you ready for the ride of your life? This indoor group cycling program is the latest latest cardio workout designed with drills to simulate terrain and situations similar to riding a bike outdoors. Our noncompetitive classes are set to incredible music and include seated and standing hill climbs, flats, speed plays, sprints, jumps and more. This class is individually paced as riders adjust their own intensity through a resistance dial, body position and pedal speed. motivating instructors will encourage you to work hard but ultimately you control the intensity of your ride. This is a powerful workout aimed to lower your resting heart rate, increase your cardiovascular fitness burn fat and tone and shape the core and lower body. 60 minute classes may include upper body toning. You will burn up to 600 calories and cover up to 20 miles in each journey. As your endorphins kick in, allow yourself to feel that natural high. In this class everyone finishes first. (Bring water and a hand towel for sweat. Limited bikes available. Please arrive 10 minutes early to claim and set up your bike).


This 60 minute barbell class is a new, motivating group experience that challenges all of the major muscle groups to strengthen the entire body. The class is set to awesome music and includes simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, curls and presses. Pump will increase your muscle tissue resulting in an increased metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout your entire day. You will also increase bone density. Pump is for all ages and fitness levels. This is your hour of power.

Mystery Class

Classes may be any of the above or other creative, innovative formats to keep your quest for fitness interesting. Classes may be 20/20/20, Salsa, CIRCUIT, INTERVAL TRAINING, CARDIO, BODY SCULPT CARDIO KICK-BOX, TOTAL BODY TONING, BOOT CAMP. Any requests?? Have fun!

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