Improved Health

  • More efficient Cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems.
    When your heart is regularly forced to maintain a higher rate than normal, your cardiovascular system becomes stronger and more efficient in order to sustain the increased intensity.
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    Regular exercise may help to control these and may help you to diminish or eliminate your need for certain drugs.
  • Greater and Freer circulation.
    Regular exercise helps to make blood vessels more elastic and less obstructed with fat, permitting freer circulation and lowering blood pressure.
  • Strengthens lung capacity.
    Cardiovascular exercise strengthen lungs, enlarging their capacity to absorb oxygen and expel waste products.
  • Promotes a musculature system that is strong, firm defined and efficient.
    Adults who add muscle through sensible strength/resistance training use more calories all day long, so they are less likely to accumulate fat.
  • More Dense and Resilient Bones.
    Since our bones tend to become porous and brittle with age, fitness becomes and affective means for slowing down this aspect of the aging process.

Improved State of Mind

  • Improved concentration and alertness.
    Exercisers become more dedicated to their fitness as they discover they’ve gained improved concentration and alertness without boredom and fatigue.
  • More tolerant, relaxed and enthusiastic.
    The extra energy exercise generates can help you deal with physiological or psychological stresses.
  • Increased ability to cope with society’s demands.
    Physical activity can help you deal more effectively with the stresses and expectations of daily living.
  • Provides a sense of commitment and control.
    Being faithful to a consistent exercise program provided you with theses two positive mental attitudes that help counteract stress.
  • Improved Self-Image.
    Fitness makes you feel more confident and motivated, fostering a positive belief in you ability to create the lifestyle you want.

Improved Body

  • Accelerated metabolism.
    Increasing muscle mass by 3lbs. increases resting metabolic rate by up to 7% and daily calorie requirement by up to 15% At rest, a pound of muscle requires up to 35-50 calories per day for tissue maintenance; during exercise, use of muscle energy increases dramatically.
  • Promotes leanness.
    A more fit individual actually burns off more calories, even while resting, than the non-fit.
  • Improved body composition.
    LESS FAT: A more fit body is a less fat body because aerobic conditioning uses up excess fat for energy.
    MORE MUSCLE: As a person ages the normal loss of muscle tissue in 3-5% every 10 years after the age of 25. Resistance training will help decrease this age-related decline in muscle mass ensuring more caloric expenditure at rest and lessening the chance of obesity.
  • Increased muscle mass.
    If the weight or degree of resistance in your muscle conditioning program is increased, visible improvements in muscle strength and overall tone can be achieved.
  • Improved coordinating.
    It only takes a few weeks to start training you body to move the way you want it to.

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